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13 Aug '14

Why Does Diabetes Lead to Foot Problems

Posted by Diabetic Shoes Administrator in Health & Wellness

One of the most common complications with diabetes is neuropathy, which refers to a loss of feeling in the feet or legs. This occurs when high blood sugar damages the blood vessels that lead to your nerves, affecting the nerve’s ability to feel sensation.

If you suffer from neuropathy, friction from poorly fitting shoes can cause blisters or small injuries to your feet or toes. If left untreated, these minor problems can turn into more serious diabetic foot ulcers, which if infected, can lead to amputations of the toes, foot, or leg.

Adults with diabetes may also experience decreased blood flow throughout their body, making it harder to fight infection. As a result, wounds take longer to heal and can quickly advance to a more serious medical condition.

The use of proper footwear such as those made by Orthofeet, can dramatically reduce the risk of amputation. In fact, a study from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, found that the use of proper footwear, regular exams and preventative foot care reduced amputations among diabetics by 50%!

Diabetic Shoes Direct offers a wide collection of athletic shoes and dress shoes that meet the needs of those suffering from diabetic neuropathy. Please remember to always wear socks or stockings, and to break in your new shoes slowly. With appropriate foot care and proper shoes, the risk of catastrophic injury is greatly reduced

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