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29 Jul '14

Shoe Guidelines for Diabetic Neuropathy Sufferers

Posted by Diabetic Shoes Administrator in Health & Wellness

Diabetic shoes are a necessity for anyone experiencing Diabetic Neuropathy to prevent complications that can lead to severe injury or even amputations.  We recommend that anyone suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy choose shoes that meet the following guidelines:

  1. Has a full length, heel-to-toe filler that when removed provides a minimum of 3/16" of additional depth used to accommodate custom-molded or customized inserts
  2. Is made from leather or other suitable material of equal quality
  3. Has some form of shoe closure such as lace or velcro
  4. Is available in full and half sizes with a minimum of three widths

DiabeticShoesDirect.com has an excellent selection of shoes for men and women to meet the needs of anyone experiencing neuropathy to help prevent ulcers and calluses, which can lead to severe injuries.

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